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The best way to understand RIFT CREATE and the value it provides to individuals, teams and organisations is via a free, live demonstration performed on-site or via Webex/GoToMeeting.

The demo is run live from our SAP system and covers the complete end-to-end functionality of RIFT CREATE. Our live presentation puts RIFT CREATE through its paces and doesn’t include arduous slide decks or presentations.

The free-flow nature of the demo allows our consultants to answer specific questions and re-run sections as required.

What can attendees expect from the free demonstration?

Attendees can expect to learn about the following from their free, no-obligation demonstration of RIFT CREATE:

RIFT CREATE’s Intuitive User Interface

The team demonstrate how easy it is to generate, view and organise work procedures using RIFT CREATE.

Deep Integration & Customisation

The team demonstrate how RIFT CREATE can be customised to fit specific requirements for work procedures.

Speed of Implementation

Speed of delivery is important to Riftsoft. The team discuss how all components of RIFT CREATE are installed and up-and-running in under ten days.

Detailed Q&A Session

The live demo allows attendees to ask specific questions about RIFT CREATE.

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Request A Free Demo Of RIFT CREATE

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