Create Thousands
of Work instructions
In Minutes

A work instruction document database for maintenance planners.

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Unbelievably Fast
Organized in One Place
Accessible Anywhere

Stop Wasting Hours

In Microsoft Word

Rift Create was designed and created by the maintenance consultants at MCSPro Inc to make your job faster AND easier.

You can find, create and update work procedures in minutes instead of hours.
You can update the format and add safety-critical information to thousands of documentswith just a few clicks.
And best of all...its all stored online, in one controlled place,on the cloud.



The current way you create and manage your work instructions is fragmented and chaotic.

With Rift Create your time writing new instructions will be cut by at least 60%.

Every document will look the same. Plus you can make mass format and procedural changes to thousands of existing documents in minutes.

Organised All
In One Place

The current way your work documents are organised is frustrating.

With Rift Create, they wont be spread accross 5 different computers in 5 different places.

You'll have a centralized list, in one place, thats set up in a hierarchy that makes sense to you.




Instead of being stored on one person's PC that you cannot access...'

Rift Create stores your database online, in the cloud.

So you can securely login anywhere, from any device, on any worksite. No matter whose computer you're using.

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Get Up and Running

In About a Week

Here's how to get started with Rift Create

We Help You Get Your First Work Instruction Set Up

Working with our set-up specialists, you’ll tell us how your documents need to look and what they need to include. That way, we can help you build it in the most efficient way for you to use it.

We Train the People Who Need to Use It

Our one-on-one training takes less than an hour. And we offer training for each member of your team who needs to use it.

You're Off and Running

Most organisations are up and running in less than a week. Most importantly, what used to take you hours, now takes minutes. Leaving you more time to lead and problem-solve with your team.

No Software to Install
Integrates Easily With SAP

  • Rift Create is cloud-based and available on any web browser on any device.
  • Cast iron encryption and cyber-security built in.
  • Document templates are rapidly designed for using Rift Create editors and distributed to authors for approval.
  • Authors mass generate documents within minutes.
  • Changes to existing document data is quick and performed individually or in bulk.
  • Deep two-way integration to SAP and other ERP and CMMS and direct access to content servers such as SAP, DMS, Documentum, OpenText and SharePoint.

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Writing Work Instructions

Should Be Easier

Over the last 30 years of consulting with mines and manufacturers, we've seen how helpful technology can be in the safety and productivity of any maintenance organization.

But after watching maintenance planners and maintenance managers waste countless hours creating and updating work instructions, we knew there needed to be a better way.

So we created it.

Spending hours every day writing work instructions is cumbersome. You work inside of Microsoft Word, trying to make sure they're accurate and complete.

All the while, you're dreading the day when they need to be updated, or management decides the format needs to change.

Rift Create was designed and created by the maintenance consultants at MCSPro Inc. to make your job faster AND easier.

If you're ready to save hundreds of hours, then we'd love to help you do it.

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Why Waste Time
Writing and Rewriting Instructions?

Rift Create will save you hours of time everyday

That's less time writing and rewriting procedures and instructions.
And more time to solve problems and to keep your team safe and productive.

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