Elevate your SAP integration journey with Rift Connect Serviced Solutions

  • Seamless integration solutions leveraging SAP BTP and Integration Suite.
  • Tangible business value driven through strategic planning.
  • Meticulous implementation ensuring seamless connectivity.
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Rift Connect Serviced Solutions

Specially designed to help companies plan, implement and deploy full end-to-end integration solutions using SAP BTP and Integration Suite. We understand that successful integration is more than just connecting systems – it's about driving business value. That's why our team works closely with you to assess your integration needs, develop a strategy, and implement solutions that align with your goals and objectives.

Rift Connect Services

SAP provides numerous service options, however, this variety also increases the risk of making an incorrect choice. Allow us to navigate you through the integration toolkit that best matches your requirements.

Rift Connect Services provides tailored guidance in using the right services available in BTP for your integration project. With experience in assisting companies with their integration strategy, delivery approach, and deployment, we bring value from the outset of our collaboration.

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Integration Services

Harnessing the power of SAP Integration Suite, we provide an extensive array of integration capabilities using innovative cloud-based SAP services. Encompassing application-to-application (A2A) integration, business-to-business (B2B) integration, and business process integration, our integration services support diverse patterns including point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, and publish-subscribe architectures.

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Integration Flows

Utilizing graphical tools offered by SAP Integration Suite, we engineer, implement, and oversee enhanced integration frameworks. These integration flows encompass tasks such as data mapping, transformation, enrichment, and validation logic, guaranteeing smooth communication across various systems and applications.


By leveraging pre-configured connectors within SAP Integration Suite, we ensure that your connections are built upon the latest innovations and updates. Employing adapters, we seamlessly integrate with an extensive array of SAP and non-SAP systems and applications, spanning SAP ERP, SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon, Google, and beyond. Furthermore, our system supports industry-standard protocols like REST, SOAP, OData, EDI, IDOC, and others, ensuring compatibility across diverse platforms.

API Management

Drawing upon our experience in integration development, we harness the benefits offered by SAP's API management capabilities. This encompasses the creation, publication, security, and monitoring of APIs. Such practices allow companies to expose their digital assets and services as APIs, facilitating both internal and external consumption. We foster collaboration within ecosystems and encourage innovation.

Data Integration

Leveraging SAP Integration Suite, we streamline data integration and synchronization across diverse landscapes, facilitating seamless real-time or batch data exchange among various systems, databases, and cloud services upholding data quality standards while ensuring governance and compliance adherence.

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Event Driven Integration

We incorporate event-driven architecture into our solutions within SAP Integration Suite, with real-time processing of events and the execution of event-driven workflows. This empowers businesses to promptly respond to events, triggers, and environmental changes, thereby enhancing agility and responsiveness.

Monitoring and Analytics

We enable companies to utilize the monitoring, logging, and analytics functionalities of SAP Integration Suite to track the performance, health, and usage of integration flows and APIs. Our insights into integration bottlenecks, errors, and trends help optimize integration processes effectively.

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Riftsoft Integration Hosting

Riftsoft offers companies a compelling and cost-effective alternative for those who don’t want to establish and manage their own integrations. This decision may stem from various factors, chiefly cost and the expertise needed to sustain such a solution.

Riftsoft Integration Hosting offers a cost-effective hosting solution, suitable for both temporary and permanent needs, catering to SAP customers and software vendors alike. Whether you're running proof-of-concept or require live connections to SAP systems, our hosting service accommodates all scenarios and everything in between.

Choosing our hosted solutions ensures a significant return on investment compared to self-hosting, providing peace of mind and streamlined operations.

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