Automating the distribution of electronic documents

Once a document has been through the creation and control processes it is then typically assigned to a business process or asset in an external system where it can be performed by a user to complete their tasks. This could be a maintenance planner completing their rounds via a work order and work instruction or a factory technician performing maintenance activities to comply with safety guidelines.

The procedure of linking the document to the right process or asset is typically manual and requires a lot of resource effort. Combine this with the fact that documents continually evolve, change in content due to process improvements, governance or the introduction of new procedures, the document linked to the process or asset also needs to be continually updated. Often this link is not recorded or easy to locate so it becomes very hard to identify where and which documents need to be changed.

RIFT Connect solves these problems by electronically creating and maintaining the link between documents created in the Riftsoft platform to external systems where these documents are used. Rift Connect links to systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, OpenText and SharePoint via standard and vendor API’s and connectors.

Rift Connect is simple to configure by an administrator and can be securely called directly from the Riftsoft platform via your Gateway. Alternatively, you may also choose to host the Rift Connect web service inside your Gateway for added security and control. Once configured, SAP connections can then be rapidly implemented as no ABAP code is required to be imported into your SAP system.

Rift Connect offers several options to create new Document Information Records (DIR’s) and the addition and update of URL attachments from Rift Store, SharePoint and OpenText. It can also be used to pass over the Rift Store file as binary data where it is checked into your existing content server for secure storage. Rift Connect eliminates all manual processes in relation to electronic document distribution and replaces it with a flexible solution for creating, maintain and tracking documents.