Introducing RIFT Print.
Print or view anything, anywhere in SAP.
Tried and Trusted by Industry Leaders.

RIFT Print makes printing and viewing documents in SAP “push-button easy” for any sized business.

RIFT Print allows SAP users to:

  • Seamlessly print quickly and easily when working in SAP.
  • View documents rapidly using RIFT Print’s powerful ‘Live-View’ feature.
  • Seamless printing and collation of SAP PM Work orders and their attachments with a single click.
  • Work smarter, not harder: By reducing time and energy spent on print management.

With RIFT Print, SAP users can quickly assemble and print scripts and attachments seamlessly… with a single click. With support for over 50 file types, RIFT Print’s intuitive interface dramatically reduces the time required to print in SAP. Imagine managing printing with no errors, no duplication, and never leaving out vital information. RIFT Print is fully integrated with SAP and is certified by SAP as an ABAP Add-On powered by SAP NetWeaver.

Printing in SAP has never been easier.

A dream come true. Effortlessly print, view and organise the following in SAP:

  • Flowcharts
  • Images
  • Drawings
  • Documents
  • Messages
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Spread sheets
  • And more …

Created to close a gap within the native SAP print user interface…

While SAP software provides a powerful platform for thousands of companies around the world, users have often found it frustrating to manage the printing of documents within SAP. Planners and Engineers have long suffered the arduous task of manually printing and collating SAP PM Work orders and their attachments. Locating all the necessary documents from SAP ready for maintenance pack printing is not only a repetitive and time consuming process, it’s also prone to errors, duplication and omission of critical information. Moreover, extra staff are often hired to perform these tasks which adds an unnecessary financial burden to the company.

When using RIFT Print, scripts and attachments no longer need to be individually printed and manually collated. They are instead seamlessly pulled together in a single click process.

RIFT Print provides the following time and money saving benefits to SAP Users:

RIFT Print allows SAP users to:

  • View or print over 50+ file types, providing total document clarity.
  • Seamlessly convert files to PDFs.
  • All files are converted to PDF in landscape or portrait – or combination of both – from their native format. This preserves data integrity. No more unexpected rendering issues.
  • Convert files in real-time using the most up to date document versions – with no additional software to install.
  • Auto-collation of work order forms and attachment output in the specified correlated order.
  • All data remains in SAP. Print orders are sent to the SAP spool for printing. No complex 3rd party interfaces are used, and there are no cumbersome screens to navigate or monitor.

Intuitive user interface:

  • Remarkably simple print process: Click, print, finish your task.
  • Marry work orders and attachments with a single click.
  • Select and save individual work order print preferences to save time when performing repetitive print tasks.
  • Quickly add configurable watermarks, batch headers, and page numbering.
  • Never install (or update) additional print drivers. RIFT Print uses default windows printers.
  • Monitor progress through reprint and print status validation routines.
  • Server solution provides a simple click-and-forget print function.
  • No underlying authoring applications required meaning RIFT Print runs 100% autonomously on the server.
  • No manual sorting or print interruption. Get in, print, get out.

Contributes to business KPIs:

  • Save tens of thousands on software licensing fees with RIFT Print’s affordable fee structure.
  • Achieve huge time savings — no need to hire extra employees for printing and work pack assembly.
  • 100% autonomous and requires NO additional software or licencing … so no expensive surprises. RIFT Print can pay for itself within 6 months … usually sooner.
  • Low T.C.O. because there are no hidden or unexpected licencing costs
  • No separate user rights management or authorisation component requirements.
  • Installs within days – remotely. RIFT Print is backed by a ‘Zero Risk Guarantee’.
  • Comprehensive training provided by Riftsoft.

RIFT Print is trusted by major companies.

RIFT Print is used everyday by RioTinto across the globe as their definitive SAP printing solution. Rio Tinto use RIFT Print for developing and printing-out of work packs for maintenance activities. Find out how RIFT Print is elegantly customisable to any shape or size SAP installation in a free live demo.

Lightning-fast installation in days, not weeks or months. Comprehensive training & on-going support.

RIFT Print was engineered from the ground-up to be installed in next-to-no-time: days, not weeks or months (like some other SAP printing alternatives). RIFT Print’s installation process has little or no impact on the normal accessibility of standard SAP, which means users or business processes won’t be interrupted while the solution is integrated. In many previous installations the team at Riftsoft installed RIFT Print via remote screenshare or VPN. Riftsoft’s rapid but comprehensive initial consulting and need-finding process allow RIFT Print to provide as much value as possible, in as little time as possible. Riftsoft’s training and support program ensures RIFT Print stays up and running and continues to provide value in any installation of SAP NetWeaver.

Our ‘Zero Risk Installation Process’ allows us to install RIFT Print with very little impact on your SAP system, from both a technical and business process perspective.

Zero Technical Risk:

RIFT Print installs ‘above’ any SAP system which means all data remains intact. If required, the software uninstalls cleanly and leaves no legacy data.

Zero Business Process Risk:

RIFT Print was designed to have minimal impact on business process: if your business process requires a ‘job print’, RIFT Print fits neatly into this step. No extra steps are involved.

View files rapidly with RIFT Print’s intelligent ‘Live-View’

The challenge in today’s businesses is not just being able to print attachments but also being able to view them without spending additional money on 3rd party viewers and integration tools. RIFT Print Live-View can be used for ad-hoc viewing or hosted centrally as a server solution allowing document view access across the entire enterprise from a single point. RIFT Print Live-View allows view capability without reliance on authoring applications. A user feels far more empowered when they have access to information. If that is tied up in attachments that are not supported formats, time is wasted requesting access to appropriate applications or requesting conversion to more suitable formats. Live-View re-uses the SAP standard user management and authority model when viewing attachments through the DMS and GOS. This ensures the highest possible security. Live-View functionality is further enhanced through an easy-to-use configuration table. RIFT Print Live-View provides the same file format support offered by the print manager solutions. Without loss of fidelity or position accuracy, Live-View empowers the user to see first-hand information that would otherwise be out of reach.

The software developers at Riftsoft created RIFT Print to make SAP printing and print management fast, simple, and hassle-free. Planners and engineers no longer have to spend hour’s manually constructing maintenance packs or worrying if safety critical information has been missed or incorrectly assigned.

Each installation of RIFT Print is 100% autonomous and requires NO additional software or licencing (so no nasty surprises). Not knowing which attachments are associated with which work order is no problem: with the click of a single button, RIFT Print locates and presents to the user a complete list of all form and attachment data.

RIFT Print is an affordable yet powerful SAP printing and viewing solution.

RIFT Print prevents financial and cost surprises through predictable billing. You will never have to author custom applications or pay for expensive licensing agreements. You can continue to struggle with print management and printing (and lose unnecessary hours on wasted labour and painful native SAP printing practices)…

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